About Tamuka Moyo

Mr.  Tamuka  Moyo
Senior Partner

Mr.  Tamuka  Moyo is the Senior Partner at Tamuka  Moyo Attorneys. He founded the firm based on his belief and passion to see a change in the way law firms operate and it is his passion for excellence that is the driving force of the firm. Having attained his law degree from the University of Zimbabwe, and his Masters with the University of South Africa, Tamuka proceeded to practice under the firm of Costa and Madzonga. With this move came experience in civil law, and the need to grow struck in Tamuka, and he proceeded to the firm of Chikumbirike, and Associates, wherein he was mentored by Mr. George Charles Chikumbirike, and gained further experience in the field of criminal law. Armed with this experience, he went on to purse and conquer a different area of the law, that of commercial law, and this then led him to Mutangira and Associates. It was at this firm that Mr. Moyo under the direction of Mr. Mutamangi  gained experience in commercial law, with an emphasis on mining law

Mr. Moyo has, during his legal career, represented a number of high profile clients, a couple of examples of which are the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation, (ZMDC), and the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development. Through his experience in various areas of the law, the passion   for   law   was   ignited   within   Tamuka, and   this   led   to  the   opening  of “practice of excellence”, Tamuka Moyo Attorneys. He brings to the firm extensive experience in civil, commercial, and criminal law, with a particular penchant for mining law, commercial litigation, arbitration, labour law, managing financial and commercial transactions, and this range of experience is an asset to any client who deals with Tamuka Moyo Attorneys. Mr Moyo has completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Arbitration and Conciliation with the University of Zimbabwe. In his spare time he is an avid golfer and a member of a Harare gun club.